Trullo crocheted placemat


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Dim: 40x45cm
With simple words we could describe it as a placemat to eat, to have breakfast or call it “American placemat”.
But this is not a simple object that serves to set a table, this is a unique piece entirely handmade and designed specifically for our Trullo EVO!

The threads used are 100% pure cotton and recall the classic colors of the country trullo. The brilliance and brightness of the colors of the chosen threads transform this handmade object, in a small work of great elegance.
The technique used is that of crochet and all the details are subsequently applied by hand: the door, the handle, the windows, the pinnacle and the label with the logo of Trullo EVO. You can use it for dining, to make a special gift or to hang it in a frame. You could organize a special dinner on the theme of “Puglia”, bring it back to your loved ones and friends after a vacation or give it to your partner as a symbol of love and desire to live together. You could give it to your wedding witnesses at your wedding, or to the guests of a big party. There are so many uses you can make of it and places to use it. I imagine it on a rustic wooden table in the countryside, but also on an elegant wooden table, glass or crystal. Or on a table covered with antique ceramic tiles.
I close my eyes and see them in the hands of someone among you who appreciates tradition and the beautiful things of the past made strictly by hand and with lots of love.
Product made by a small workshop in Puglia and with a click you can receive them at home for yourself or to make a special gift!
Whatever your choice, you will contribute to keep alive the tradition of crochet by allowing small artisans of Puglia to live of their great passion that is handed down from generation to generation. Wearing them will be impossible not to be noticed, they are simple accessories, pretty and very original.
Illuminate your face and give a very special touch to your look! Once worn they will become a must-have accessory that you will want to show everyone!

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