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We have traveled the world since we met.

The passion for discovering this wonderful planet we live on, the different cultures that inhabit it and the idea of “living” and not just seeing a country, have united us since the first day in April 2001 when we decided to grow together.

Let’s say that calling it a love story is a big word.

We’ve been through a lot together, overcoming more or less difficult challenges, but with a continuous comparison.

In all these 20 years we have never been bored and through our differences we have continuously nourished ourselves, becoming today two people that are different from those we were when we met, shaped by the many experiences we lived together.

That’s us.

But after all these years, Gaia, Giulia and Lorenzo “joined” our family.
The rest of our “dynamic” days, we let you imagine!

Trullo EVO and its story

It’s been several years that we decided to take a vacation in the less frequented periods of the year and in the most beautiful places in Italy.
So this past summer (June 2020) we decided to return to Puglia and discover new corners of the country that we had never seen before.

The choice of Valle D’Itria, we must be honest, was quite casual. We were looking for a beautiful sea in a place not too far from Rome, the city where we live.
So looking among the various houses for rent we stayed in two Trulli very different from each other, but both beautiful in a magical area like the Itria Valley.

We traveled by night and arrived early in the morning admiring the wonderful sunrise that, we assure you, is special in that part of Italy!
For the first time we could admire the famous white city: Ostuni, a real wonder!

In those days we fully experienced that beautiful vacation, crystal clear sea (the famous “Maldives of Salento”), fantastic people, great food and nature that left us breathless.

And it is that uncontaminated nature that made us both completely lose our heads.

It was real love at first sight!

In just two weeks we invested our savings to buy the Trullo, to which we gave the name EVO due to the presence of the wonderful centenarian olive trees.

So, the day before returning home from vacation, all five of us found ourselves with our bathing suits on and sand on our feet in front of a notary!

That’s the story of this madness we made for our Trullo EVO.
The rest of the story you will discover day by day with us!

Welcome to our family and to our Trullo that you will see growing day by day.


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LOVE IT! We’ll definitely come visit!