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Apulian delicacies
cooked directly at Trullo EVO

A private chef service to host an Apulian dinner at the Trullo EVO

“The private chef prepares the food, sets the table, serves the dishes, and cleans up after the dinner is over.”


Michelangelo and Martina, two people who share their life paths, who came from academic paths of classical and university studies but then decided to get involved and change, preferring a job where they would be able to express their creativity and especially a more manual and pragmatic job.


Big fans of cooking so they studied and trained. First cooking school, then an internship in a starred restaurant, and then experiences abroad in Finland and Iceland, where they opened and ran a restaurant and pizzeria. A Neapolitan and a Molisian, who have been in Apulia for years and fuse Neapolitan and Apulian cuisine.

The service is a personal chef, or home chef, service for organizing an informal dinner party among friends. The home chef prepares the food, sets the table, serves the dishes, and cleans up after the dinner is over. Three basic preset menus have been formulated to guide customers in their choice.

In any case, the choice of dishes can be made by express request with respect to a particular dish or a different menu can be agreed upon directly with the chef. It is also possible to formulate more complex and elaborate proposals.

Different menus available

You’ll savor diverse menus inspired by the region’s finest ingredients. Try the traditional “Orecchiette alle Cime di Rapa” pasta, the delightful “Pesce al Cartoccio” seafood, and the refreshing “Frisella con Pomodori e Burrata” appetizer.

End your meal with the exquisite “Pasticiotto Leccese” pastry.

An enchanting taste of Apulia awaits you.

Landfare menu
  • Discover Apulia’s landfare menu, featuring “Fava e Cicorie,” “Bistecca alla Brace,” and “Puccia Salentina,” offering an authentic taste of our region’s finest delicacies.
Seafood menu
  • Dive into Apulia’s seafood menu, highlighting the freshest catches from the Adriatic Sea, with dishes like “Pesce al Cartoccio,” “Polpo alla Pugliese,” and “Gamberi e Fagioli,” ensuring an exquisite taste of our region’s maritime treasures.
Vegetarian menu
  • Explore the delights of Apulia’s vegetarian menu, featuring dishes like “Orecchiette alle Cime di Rapa,” “Melanzane alla Parmigiana,” and “Frisella con Pomodori e Burrata,” showcasing the region’s finest plant-based delicacies.
And much more
  • Our private chef can accomodate any kind of guest’s requests
Private chef
Leave your details, provide all the details, and we will call you closely to arrange all the details of your dinner!
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