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The experience of well-being
in the shade of olive trees

Reconnecting with oneself
Reconnecting with the world

“Rediscover your inner essence and immerse yourself in the serenity of our olive grove. Authentic massage represents a journey undertaken through natural oils, such as olive oil or sweet almonds, that lead us to the innermost depths of our soul.”


I am a massage therapist dedicated to providing a personalized relaxation and wellness experience. With a deep passion for mind and body wellness, my goal is to help people reconnect with themselves through the therapeutic power of touch. With skill and sensitivity, I use a variety of massage techniques, combining natural oils such as olive oil and sweet almonds, to create a sensory journey that reaches the depths of the soul. Each massage session is carefully tailored to individual needs and desires, providing a rejuvenating and invigorating experience. They are here to provide an oasis of calm and tranquility, where guests can immerse themselves in a deep sense of relaxation and serenity.

Ayurveda Massage

Restores the balance between mind and body. It improves lymphatic and blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the spine, tones muscles, and positively influences a person’s mental state. Acts on hormone levels, facilitates elimination of toxins, relieves tension and has benefits on anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, migraine, fatigue, difficult digestion.


It is a mix of techniques and maneuvers that go to manipulate the tissues that lie deeper, such as connective tissue and muscle tissue.
It aims to loosen and relax muscle contractures.

Decontracting and anti-cellulite

It is aimed at improving and making the blood circulation system more efficient. It goes to work on the very tissues with the aim of promoting blood, venous and lymphatic return and facilitates the removal of excess fluids

Candle Massage

Candle Massage is an extremely relaxing, decontracting and engaging massage that is performed by melting a massage candle on the body, giving the recipient an extremely profound multi-sensory experience.

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage aims primarily at improving the person’s state of well-being. Important properties of relaxing massage that cannot be overlooked at all are those concerning the stimulation of endorphin production, the great benefit it brings on sleep quality, and the improvement of memory and concentration.

Sports massage

Useful for those who want to improve athletic performance, reduce muscle tension, prevent injury, and prepare muscles for physical activity. Sports massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous systemand increases blood flow.

Balinese massage

Palm pressures, acupressure, gliding, kneading, pulling, stretching and bending alternate in Balinese massage to keep blood, lymph and energy flowing smoothly.

Relaxing face soothing

It is a technique for calming stress and tension that accumulates on the face and generates tension in the neck. Also useful for migraine sufferers. It focuses on the face, décolleté and scalp.

Antiage face

It goes to the right places to oxygenate tissues that regain firmness, radiance and elasticity. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which help keep the skin supple. The maneuvers on the face will also have a rebalancing effect in the body, benefiting other body areas overall as well

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