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Love for the earth
and sustainable agriculture

A series of experiences aimed at those who want to get to know the land of Puglia


Learn how to make orecchiette and other pasta shapes in our rustic olive grove. Using organic semolina, we will teach you how to use simple tools and your hands to create delicious pasta. Enjoy a dinner of the pasta we made together and try our extra virgin olive oils.

Olive oil

Explore the world of extra virgin olive oil. We will guide you through the different oils we have obtained from the recent olive harvest, explaining the varieties used.

Lessons of

Learn the ancient art of wicker weaving, an Apulian tradition we are trying to preserve. You will build a small tool while sampling local products and km0 0 wines, taking home a piece of Apulian culture and tradition created with your own hands.

And many other authentic experiences…

Food and traditions
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