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Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made with ❤️ in Puglia

Ours is an oil obtained only from our untreated olives. They are collected from the trees and taken to the mill after a few hours where they are cold pressed in order to keep all the organoleptic properties intact .

Ramo di ulivo

The cold pressing of olive oil is a unique process rich in history.

It allows you to maintain the nutritional and physical qualities of extra virgin olive oil (EVO oil), preserving the properties intact and enhancing the benefits once consumed. This method allows to extract the content present in the fruit, preserving the amount of minerals, vitamins and substances rich in antioxidant properties for the body. By following this process it ensures the flavor of the fruit at the expense of a smaller amount of oil produced and keeps alive the tradition that makes EVO oil an Italian excellence recognized throughout the world.

100% natural

Our trees are not treated at all except with natural waste from our work. Nothing is thrown away here!

Only italian olives

Our oil is produced only from the olives of our land. We grow 4 varieties of exclusively local italian olives.

Not filtered

We pack in the mill only oil that has followed our method step by step in order to keep all the properties intact.

Discover how we produce

our extraordinary EVO Olive Oil.

Quality with no compromises

Our EVO oil is a product of the highest quality, whose value can only be appreciated on the table. Our oil is a quality oil and is different from that of mass and industrial production, “not greasy but seasoned”, has organoleptic characteristics of aroma and flavor that you will never find in industrial oils.

Taste our
oil directly
at your doorstep.

  • 5 Liters of Pure Extravirgin Olive Oil

  • 1 Liter of Pure Extravirgin Olive Oil