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Adopt your Olive tree

Make a really special gift to those you love!

Adopt one of our Olive trees or plant the fruit tree you prefer, give it a name and follow its growth.

“Adopt an Olive Tree” is a project born to introduce our family of trees, share its fruits and taste the final result of EVO Oil with its unique flavor. By adopting one of our Olive trees you will decide to support organic farming together with us.
To make them grow at their best and take care of them we use only natural substances excluding the use of herbicides or insecticides.

Our EVO Oil guarantees a healthy diet and allows a return to get back in contact with nature for young and old ones.


Olive trees

They are not only centenarian plants, they are trees with their own history, which have overcome challenges and continue to produce that special fruit from which the famous EVO Oil is born. An excellence recognized throughout the world.

What you will receive

5 Liters of oil

With a unique taste, obtained with the sole pressing of healthy olives by mechanical process (EC Reg. 1019-2002). The extra virgin is the only oil to be produced only by squeezing the olives, without the help of chemical solvents or other industrial interventions.

Certificate of adoption

We will send you a certificate with the name of your tree, the history of its growth  and a description of its fruits.
The certificate of adoption only distinguishes your adopted tree, making your gift unique!

A special chopping board

You will receive a chopping board made with the wood derived from the pruning of your tree. A unique chopping board, a memory made strictly by hand for you, a special gift that will remain forever!

Adopt your olive tree for a year at 150€

Choose your plant from those available, view it and click on the link to proceed with adoption

Adotta ora

Choose your olive tree

Click on a tree, view its details and click on the link that will be shown to proceed with the adoption.